Kitchens with island, a space to enjoy and share

Over the years and due to the changing habits of society, the kitchen has become the protagonist stay of the quintessential home. In addition, as a result of the home confinement caused by the pandemic, interest in cooking and enjoying a spacious, bright and functional space has been further aroused.

Undoubtedly, the kitchen has turned 360º into a meeting area where you can share moments with family and friends. Therefore, there are more and more housing projects that we design around this room and in which open kitchens with an island or also known as “open concept” predominate.

A new kitchen concept that has come to stay and bring functionality to the day to day without sacrificing the aesthetics of the space. Specifically, the kitchen islands are booming in every way thanks to their many uses: as an extra area for preparing food, washing area, cooking with fire and extraction or, otherwise, as a decorative and meeting place. A structural element that offers endless decorative possibilities and helps to make the difference between two environments: kitchen and dining room.


Without further ado and in order to exemplify the trend of “Kitchens with island”, highlights the firm Modulnova. A unique and benchmark brand in the sector that takes the concept of open kitchen one step further by creating a new philosophy of interior design: integration of the living room. Specifically, in his project Twenty Frame has opted for a large central island characterized by its horizontality, with a protruding peninsula, which is fully integrated into the environment. In addition, the two blocks of Milanese walnut columns with Frame door manage to accentuate the linearity of the Twenty doors of lime dark depth. Thanks to the combination of materials, a contrast of particular lights and shadows has managed to create a fully integrated space and leaving the central island as the main protagonist.