Emotional interiorism, building in favor of emotions

For us, every new home is a blank notebook to write on and to be carried away and reinvented. Building on emotions and feelings is a fundamental part of our philosophy and an intrinsic value in our challenges. Therefore, we base all our projects on emotional interior design giving prominence to the five senses.

Emotional interior design is known as a fusion of space optimization and emotional decoration, but without a doubt, this concept goes much further. In order to provide greater well-being and find the perfect balance at home, this “therapeutic” technique lays its foundations in the care of details physically and emotionally, being for us a “must” to follow in each new challenge.

First of all, we find in the sense of smell a turning point capable of transmitting unique emotions to the home and bringing warmth to the space. Undoubtedly, a factor that we take into account in all our projects as we prioritize noble materials with feelings such as the smell of wood protection, the sweetness of vanilla and the nobility of amber.

On the other hand, there is the view. An essential and irreplaceable sense that conditions the design of the project marking the approach and guidelines to follow. Specifically, a house is a work of art where to capture personality and feelings and, therefore, bet on natural light and timeless colors, such as white, contributes to a greater balance and peace of mind.

Also, in many cases we associate the home with a specific musical genre, or even with a sound. That’s because of the magic of the ear. Homes make constant noises but they also listen. Therefore, being able to enjoy the sound of rain, wind or the sea is synonymous with disconnection and emotion.

And, without further ado, touch appears; the most sensual aspect of the home. Wood, clay, natural fibers, silks, cotton… A myriad of finishes that give life and are part of the evolution of the house. Undoubtedly, details that welcome and bring quality to the home thanks to its properties and benefits.

Finally, the sweetest sense of all; the taste. A feeling that comes to the home to stay because of the new habits in interior design and the new concept of open kitchen, which opens to the living room and recovers its meeting place. For us, enjoying the pleasure of cooking with yours is essential in the distribution of our projects.

Ultimately, and as a result of the current situation, the home becomes the most important stage at the family and social level. Therefore, transforming our home into a space that causes us positive feelings and emotions is vital to our own well-being. We do not hesitate, emotional interior design to create pleasant atmospheres without sacrificing comfort and improving mood.