Sofas, armchairs and poufs

Ditre Italia


The design that distinguishes the Ditre Italia products is the result of an observation that goes to the essence of the objects and proposes new ones, ready to be experienced. They like to think that those who choose Ditre Italia choose not only an exclusive product, but a way of understanding design and, with it, the living space.


The seduction of a piece of furniture, where each element communicates with the others, is the same as expressing a tailored suit: attention to detail, balance, elegance, exclusivity. This is how they think about their collections, how they build them: beyond current trends, beyond exteriority.


Innovation is never ostentatious, it is a discreet vocation.


The artisanal soul of their products is linked to tradition: an attitude that has accompanied them for more than 40 years, throughout history of manufacturing experience.


Today, when a project takes shape, it makes a world visible, made of careful choices, patient processes made by expert hands, and technology that make what was once an artisan series.