Craft and skill in raw material work


The stone kitchen represents the apex of Modulnova’s projects: thanks to research and using new technologies, it is possible to transform a very heavy material into a light material that is compatible with the kitchen environment.


The combination of raw Amarula stone and eucalyptus veneer makes Blade LAB unique in the kitchen world.


Craftsmanship and skill in the work of the raw material: in this case, the island block is valued with a particular work of the natural Amarula stone, making it unique.


Even the large Bilico door is an exclusive Modulnova idea that, with a very thin panel integrated into the kitchen, allows different design solutions, giving home environments an unknown flexibility.


If you wish you can exaggerate, there are no limits on the project, Blade allows solutions for any requirement thanks to the lightweight of the aluminum front allowing to make doors even six meters high.