Fit between volumes and materials


The new game of fit between volumes and materials is amplified by skillful lighting integrated into the kitchen project to create a new setting with a strong and captivating character.

The new stoneware Sahara noir azalai, used in the boiserie, with its drawing makes the entire project refined and elegant.

Worktop, sink, boiserie and drawers all in sahara noir azalai stoneware, details that confirm the high quality and elegance even in the smallest details

The incoming column allows you to hide the ovens and at the same time increases the linearity and minimalism of the entire project.

The use of new materials such as oak wood combined with leaf metal produces a temporary contrast and introduces new solutions in the living environment.

Games of light and shadow, high impact materials, skillful work place the entire Modulnova living program at the top of the existing market scene.